Stress-Free, International Moving, and Packing

Your first step of a successful, stress-free International move from Dubai starts here, the upheaval of moving is said to be one of the most demanding and taxing experience a family can go through. That being said, Global Relocations aims to connect you with quotes from reputable international moving companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. With a choice of pre-screened/approved movers, shipping your personal belongings has never been easier.

Wide range of services offered to cater to your needs :-

  • International Moving Door to Door World Wide.
  • Groupage for those smaller shipments
  • LCL shipping to anywhere in the world
  • Air Shipping for the time sensitive goods
  • Domenstic/Local Moves within the UAE
  • In transit storage options in the UAE or at destination

How it works – International Moving from Dubai – A quick guide

Volume estimation

More often than not, volume determines the method of shipping. Establishing an Idea of volume of your goods early in the process is key. It affects everything from the price to the time frame of shipping. Volume is usually denoted in Cubic Meters or Cubic Feet (CBM or CBFT respectively). To officially determine the volume, a pre-move survey would be advisable.

Pre-Move Survey

The international moving company’s representative would usually visit your residence and conduct a pre-move survey. Depending on volume of contents, it can take up to 1 hour for a 3-4 bedroom house. In addition the moving consultant would run through key points about important shipping/packing details. If you have any particularly awkward items you wish to ship, it is in both parties for this to be addressed. Specialised packing could be required which could add to the cost of moving. For example, fragile chandeliers need to be crated in a special wooden box with hanging support frame. As all wood is imported to the UAE carries a cost factor.

Examples of specialized packing

  • Paintings/Mirrors/Statues
  • Motorcycles and vehicles (if within one container)
  • Hanging chandeliers and light fittings
  • Oversized items i.e Jacuzzi’s/Boats/Pools tables

Selecting the International moving company

When choosing your potential mover from the UAE, it is important to ensure the packing crews are fully trained with years of experience in the international moving industry. In addition a responsible Crew Leaders who has minimum 10 years supervisory experience. We of course will do this kind of due diligence for you by identifying the international moving companies that utilise top quality packing materials combined with innovative, market leading packing and operational techniques.

Patience and empathy are vital qualities we look for in the companies we recommend. Our professional but friendly working methods & relations with the best international packers, movers, and storage solution specialists, ensure we help organize a stress-free International Move.

Moving Day

Once you have selected on a mover, Pre-planning is key. There will be items you do not want to be packed, such as suitcases, passports, phone chargers, wallet, backpack etc. These items can be placed in a dedicated room such as the master bedroom or an adjoining bathroom, which is clearly designated as a no go area to the packers and crew leader. If your packing is over multiple days, make sure to pack the bed last or check into a hotel.

Communication with your moving company is essential, select packing dates well in advance, establish whether you will remain in the home during packing, Don’t schedule in anything else, or even work on the moving day(s). If you have children make sure to prepare them well in advance.

TipDon’t disconnect utilities before the packing is completed. During summer months it can get blisteringly hot for packers and crew, not to mention if packing continues into the evening. Packing in low light conditions may increase the likelihood for handling errors.

TipDon’t leave moving to the last day of your tenancy contract. Landlords can inspect the property on the final day when you return the key. Usually painting will be required or the landlord can take painting fees out of the security deposit. Juggling landlords/building security/painters/movers can be lot to take in on the final day, best to not mix it all at once and set aside adequate time for other formalities.

Shipping – What to consider
Once all your goods depart, you will get an estimated transit time for delivery from the international moving company in Dubai. This could take weeks in a container or longer in a shared container option depending on where you are going. Communication with your moving company is essential, there are many variables which can affect shipping times, for example if you have a transshipment point and the port is full, delays can be expected. If the goods are due to arrive over a public holiday, customs clearance can take longer than usual.

Delivery at destination

Once your goods have sailed, it is common for people to feel a sense of limbo. However a lot of people take advantage of this downtime and take a vacation. It is vital that you leave full contact details with your mover and you plan to arrive well in advance of the shipments estimated arrival date in order to avoid port/storage related charges.

Now all your items are packed and on the way. You now have some downtime between now and delivery, you could take a vacation and perhaps take your time finding the next perfect home. Be wary that once the container arrives at destination, there could be formalities which requires your presence at port or input documentation wise. Staying out of contact can cause serious problems if you are not reachable and not to mention rising port storage costs. Always make sure to furnish your moving company with all your updated contact details.

How we streamline the process

Much of the stress and anxiety of an international move is experienced the initial stages, researching companies, distinguishing one company from another, obtaining and comparing quotes etc. We have done the hard work so you don’t have to.