Cargo from Dubai to Australia – Cargo to Australia from Dubai

Cargo from Dubai to Australia 

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If you would like to send goods, personal items, or extra suitcases to Australia from Dubai, consult with GSC Cargo. We can gather your items from your present Dubai address to your selected location in  Australia. And since we’re worldwide, you’ll be working with us, and just us, from start to finish. Send no less than 2 Large Boxes (30kg each).

Why choose GSC cargo?

We do offer all kind of cargo from Dubai to Australia services

  • Door to door cargo to Australia from Dubai
  • Air Cargo to Australia from Dubai
  • Cargo from Dubai to Sydney
  • Cargo to Melbourne from Dubai

We are able to ship to Australia by sea or air, so contact us today on +971  56  537  7010 and see how the team can help. They’re a friendly bunch and can guide you through the whole process. 

Why Move to Australia ? 

Australia is among the best countries to live in in the world. Journalists and writers in various news articles (Telegraph, NY Times etc.) have commented that cites like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra are ones with the highest per capita incomes, very high lifestyle satisfaction scores and, of course, amazing attractions, both natural and man-made. In fact, Melbourne and Sydney have even featured in the Top 20 Most Livable Cities in the Mercers Quality of Living Index 2017. For anyone wishing to emigrate from Dubai to this continent, the two countries offer a wondrous alternative. Companies like Paradise Dubai Movers and many others like them offer professional cargo services to handle all sorts of goods, moved via air or sea, at differing costs and times of course, to any other country.

Though bilateral relations between the UAE and Australia were humble and meager, over the years, their relations have strengthened immensely. Today, both countries have a solid foreign relations base. The foundations are largely on aviation and transport, but other sectors, such as agriculture, trade, and innovation contribute as well. There are around 23000 Aussies currently living in the UAE; more than 350 Australian companies registered in the Emirates. In Australia, nearly 7000 to 8000 students are currently enrolled in university pursuing graduate or post-graduate degrees. 

Australia is a land of opportunities when it comes to job searching. There are abundant and varied employment opportunities in the land. Major industries with growth potential include agriculture, chemicals, food processing, mining, healthcare, and tourism. Then there are posts available for educationists, IT specialists, healthcare and social work support workers, recruitment officers, geo-technical engineering trainees, accountants and marketing, and content writers, among others. The country offers very high employment rates (you may check current rates online) with high salaries. However, one drawback is that it is not always easy to get citizenship or migration visas to Australia. It is, however, relatively easier for graduates to find employment in the country. Furthermore, there exist various avenues to obtain a visa into Australia. Some of these ways include the Employer Nomination Scheme, Working Holiday Visa, and Skill Select. Commercial tourist sites like the Sydney Opera House for instance. In Australia, the Fraser Island, the Bungle Bungles with its humbug stripes and the many rain-forest-clad mountains with lush verdure, are among a few of the salient features of tourism in Australia.