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The North America is a continent with one of the most developed infrastructures and advanced technologies, educated workforce and civilised political systems in the world. Both these countries offer equal employment and career opportunities in all fields, ranging from academia and private sector to politics and administration. It turns out that residents of Dubai find it easy to settle in these countries. One of the reasons is that, Dubai, being a global free-zone, has English as one of its dominant languages, which is the same as that spoken in Canada and USA.

The most popular states to migrate, in the USA, are Los Angeles and San Francisco in California State, New York City, New Jersey, Texas and Florida, among some others. It would not be erroneous to assert that the US economy and employment opportunities are not consistently profitable in all states for foreign immigrants; however, the aforementioned states offer much better employment prospects than others. In contrast, Canada has been open to immigration for quite some years now. Likewise, employment opportunities may be said to be more promising in Canada as compared to those in USA.

Climatic conditions for these two major countries in North America are varied and differentiated owing to the fact that the US cross the Tropic of Cancer. That means that the states near and south of the Tropic of Cancer experience warmer climates (short, mild winters and long, pleasant summers) whereas the northern states as well as most states of Canada experience more extreme and colder climates. In the US, as with the varied climate, the cultures and society are also varied. The US consists of more than 100 ethnic nationalities, including Sikhs, Indians, Pakistanis, Bengalis, Chinese as well as ethnic races such as Hispanics, white and black Americans. In Canada, a major portion of the population are Punjabi Sikhs and Pakistanis. So much so that Urdu and Punjabi have begun to gain a status closer to those of the official languages of Canada, which are English and French.

When it comes to moving from one country to either of these, some countries fare better than others. Both Canada and USA have a free visa policy for some countries around the world. People belonging to qualifying countries can often travel to these countries without any visa. For example, due to the cordial diplomatic relations between Canada and UAE, residents of either country can travel to the other conveniently without needing any visa. Want to know a fun fact? Nearly 40, 000 Canadians live and work in the UAE and thus frequently travel between Canada and the UAE. However, if permanent immigration is involved, then, however, some paperwork will be involved. For cargoes and passengers as well, it is highly from country of origin to the destination in the summer months. In winters, both Canada and USA are prone to snow storms and hurricanes which can often hinder transport of goods and passengers via ships and aeroplanes. Flights are sometimes delayed or cancelled due to natural calamities.

If one is moving from hotter areas, like Dubai, it is best to move to a state in the US in which it will be easier to acclimatize to the weather conditions. For people moving from Dubai or other Arab countries, it might be most suitable to move to a southern state in the US, since these have warmer climates. As far as the technicalities related to immigration services are concerned, professional companies are adept at guiding customers with all the specific documents required (passport, photographs, financials etc.) as well as packaging and cargo services.